Get "SPOT ELEVATION" host/reference element(floor type name)

I created a “spot elevation” at a floor plan in Revit.
Does anyone have any idea, how to get the host/reference element (floor type name) of this spot symbol?

Thanks for any idea, suggest.

I don’t think that’s how spot elevations work.

A spot elevation is literally a point that is projected on the geometry, and shows the elevation in that point. Therefore, a spot elevation (as the name suggests) doesn’t have a host/reference element.

Where would you need it for?

I put the Spot Elevations on the Floor plan.
I have two types of Spot Elevation:

  • Spot Elevation for finishing layer of floor,
  • Spot Elevation for the core of the floors.

Finally, I would like to check whether I put these Spot Elevations (cats) on the appropriate types of floors, and whether I chose the right type of Spot Elevation symbol.


Try out Rhythm’s Dimensions.GetReferenceElements.

That should do the trick!

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You are the best, thanks :smiley: