Get shape of cut generic model in view

Hey all,

I want to create a script that finds the location of a cut generic model in a view and determines the radius and position of what you are seeing in this view.
To make it more clear see the picture below:
This is a section view of a wall, which has a generic model running through it(the red circles). I would like to find the center of both circles and place a void family on these positions. The circles are snapable so i think there are ways to get the shape that you are seeing in the view right?

I dont need an entire script but a nudge in the right direction would be great :slight_smile: I have not worked with curves/shapes like this before so i don’t know where to start.

The endgoal will be:

Dynamo script that does the following:

Create a section view for every single wall in the model;
Get the centerpoint of the circles and radii.
Place family on center point with correct diameter.

I can manage all the steps except for finding the centerpoint and radius. I think this gets more complex since both circles are inside 1 generic model so i am not sure how Dynamo handles that.

Edit: added this picture to show i can snap the generic model in view


Apologies if I am misunderstanding… But if you get the generic model families in the project, you can extract their element.geometry? Clockwork has geometry+ for more control? Is there something which isn’t working when you do that? :slight_smile:



For the center point: Any chance the centerpoint is the insertion point? What does ‘element.location’ return?

For the radius, I’d assume there is a parameter in the generic models controlling that - can you pull that value?

Hi @Mark.Ackerley and @jacob.small,

The generic model contains a large amount of pipes and wall flanches. Since the project’s entire piping system resides in one generic model i dont think element.location works.
What you are looking at is a cross section of one of the pipes(below circled with blue). The element.location returns what i believe to be the insertion point.

I hope this makes it a bit more clear what i am trying to do…
I cant get a centerpoint because the generic model contains more than one ‘circle’

The generic model:

What you are looking at in the first image is a section view over a wall, which also cuts the two pipes in the generic model.
So i cant get the coordinates of the pipe as far as i know but i am wondering if i can do something with the section?

I hope this is a little more clear?

This is the output of Element geometry and element location:

Dynamo forum project.rvt (1.6 MB)

I have made a small model (revit 2018) with one wall and the generic model to make it more clear.
The view that is opened first is a section through wall(parallel) that also cuts the generic model.
The goal is to find the two centerpoints of the circles in the view.

I am thinking maybe I should just run a clash detection in navisworks, export the coordinates of the clashes and make dynamo insert a void family on said location.

Does anyone have a suggestion that does not involve running other software like navisworks. I would prefer to be able to find the Centerpoint with dynamo