Element Location of generic Elements

Hello dear Dynamousers. Its a pleasure for me to learn so much from you all in that forum. Thank you all for your great answers and solutions. I love this community!

One problem is following me since long time. I still couldnt figure out the reason or a working workflow to solve this. I got breakthroughs as a separate IFC-Model. I linked and embeded these elements to my Revit-document. Now i would like to get the locations of these elements to put Revit-breakthroughs on. Unfortunately i am not able to get out a centerpoint of the elements or any other information. Any suggestions or nodes i could try?

I am using:
Revit 2019.0.1
Dynamo 2.0.1


Try the boundingbox nodes.

Thanks for this solution. If i am correct the boundingbox-centerpoint is always equal to the centerpoint of an element with angle (object oriented boundingbox), or am i wrong?