Get parameter value by name not retuning any values

I’m trying to filter a number of specific doors (using GetParameterValueByName) which have a yes/no parameter (shared) applied to them by using a boolean mask. For some reason I’m getting blanks in the results while I’m expecting a number of true’s.

Can someone explain why this isn’t working how it does for other parameters? The parameter in question is only applied to a number of doors and it’s a shared parameter.

I have gotten around it by using a Elements.GetParameterValueByNameTypeOrInstance node but I’m just curious to why the OOTB node doesn’t return the same?

Is the parameter a Type parameter? If so, then you would need to first get the Element.Type from the All Elements Of Category node, then use the Get Parameter node.

Yes it’s a type parameter. I just tried it with a Element.Type and that worked perfectly.

So, for any type parameters I need to use a “Element.Type” node?

Yes, you need to have the “Element” that you want to get / set the information for, and that is different between Families, Types, and Instances.

Thanks, I didn’t realise this, good to know going forward.