How to get instance parameters value of door

How can I get instance parameter of a door “list”?
I am going crazy!!!

It looks like the parameter exists but has no value assigned…

Parameter exists and it’s assigned

Just for a first check, try to plug an Element.Parameters node after your list of families and see what it gives (you can also try with an Element.Type node in between to get the type parameters).

If I use “Element.Parameters” after “All Element of Category”, I see parameter.
If I use “Element.Parameters” after “FamilyInstance.Type”, I don’t see it


That’s because it’s an instance parameter. The family type will only have type parameters. You can try using a custom node that can handle both instance and type parameters.

Hi @Lpiu,

In the first picture your elements were in a nested list (@L3) ?
In your second picture the list is not nested (@L2) ?
So maybe you can play with adding different levels to the Element.GetParameterValueByName node.

Use levels

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To expand on @Nick_Boyts comment. In your first image you are attempting to get an Instance parameter from a Family Type. In your second image you are getting Instance parameter from a family instance so it’s all good. Just feed the instance down stream of the graph instead of the type.

Or you can do what @Nick_Boyts suggests that is never extract the Type, and just use a node that get’s type parameters from family instances. There is one in package.

Ps. Part of the issue here is that you posted a partial image of your definition that ommited the most important part of the problem, part where you switched from family instances to family types. There was no way for us to figure out your issue until you posted that second image. Please make sure that you give enough context next time.


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