Parameter.ParameterByName works only for Instance parameters?

I’m building a Custom Node to create View Filters
It works great as long as I pass it an Instance Parameter, but fails with a Type parameter.
I’ve narrowed it down to the Parameter.ParameterByName node, which just returns nul when passed a Type parameter name.
In my particular graph, I’m working with Ceilings
Passing Height Offset from Level returns values as expected, but Type Mark fails.
Is there an equivalent to Parameter.ParameterByName that works with Types?
Or, better yet, a node that works with both Type and Instance?
I found the Element.GetParameterValueByNameTypeOrInstance node from Rhythm. but that returns the value.
I need to get the actual parameter, so I can pass that into the FilterRule.ByRuleType node.

You need to get the Ceiling Type from the Ceiling element to get the type parameter

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