Get Parameter Type by Name

I’m having some issues finding Parameter Type in my Revit document. I’m creating a script to automate Project Parameter creation from a Shared Parameter file. I need to feed a Parameter Type into the OOTB node “Parameter.CreateProjectParameter” and I’d like to use the Shared Parameter.txt for this. But I’m not finding a good way to parse the string values into the format that the node needs. Anyone got some experience with this?


What do you mean with “parse” ? Do you want convert string to float or integer…?



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if you share some images will help to understand.

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I meant that I’m getting it in String but I (thought) I needed it as a different Object Type. I’m getting it to parse correctly when I remake it from completely capitalized to only capitalize the first letter.

So this thread is solved!

Although just for information, I’m seeing that it is possible to accidentally create double parameters with this node (Parameter.CreateProjectParameter) but if you’d use for example GeniusLoci node “Create Shared Parameter” you can feed the parameter GUID to the one created as Project Parameter in Revit and it’ll understand that it’s the same as in the Shared Parameter file.