How to get element type parameters

Hi, I am trying to use the Element.getparametervalue.byname node but it doesnt seem to read the element type parameters. How can I read and export the Type parameters (grouped in Green) within my script?

19-Exporting Schedule to Excel with Room Update P01.dyn (488.3 KB)

Thank you for your time!

Example :

I want to amend this part of my script so that it just reads the elements type parameters.

I cant seem to find Elements.Type node

there are several ways to do it, with or without custom nodes
Elements.type is from Archilab package

It probably shouldn’t be this complicated

Thanks alot Andrew, the Rhythm node worked a treat.

Do you know why the workset parameter shows up as numbers instead of the actual name?


The Workset is an element in itself.
What you see is the Id of that element

Hi Marcel, What node would read the Workset for each element in a similar format as shown above?

try this

I’d expect it to be the other way around i.e the value is the name, but that is the way it is

Andrew youre a legend ! Thanks for saving the day !