Shared Parameters issue

Hi, I have been working on a adding new parameters to a Revit file.
I went through all the threads on the same but none of the options worked on my file.
Could you tell me where i am going wrong?
I have a shared parameter text file but I am not sure if its supposed to be linked to the script in any way!

That node doesn’t seem to work with Parameter Group names anymore. Use ParameterGroup List from Data-Shapes to get the actual Parameter Group object.

Thankyou! I tired doing it yet its showing the same null output. Im not sure if im missing anything else

I forget if I got it to work with List.Map or not. Try using list levels to run it on your list of parameter names.

Hi @pkandharkar3,

Maybe you can try if anything changes if you feed the “Visible” and “Instance” input with just one value ?
So not “true, true, true, true” but “true”.

Kind regards,