Get multiple paramters from different elements types

Dear all,
I am a little bit frustrated with the Multi-category schedule in Revit.
For example, when I want to Schedule pipes and pipes fittings from a specified level, I can’t have both Inside the same Schedule as i want to collect different parameters.

So, i decided to figure out if I could do it by using Dynamo and well… I get stuck at some point.

The main idea is to have an excel fil at the end.

I want to report different category:
-Pipe fittings
-Pipe accessories
-Duct fittings
-Duct accessories

From those elements, I want to get multiple parameters.
The problem is that those parameters don’t exist in all elements.

At the end, I want to have an excel file with a column for the element types and then one column for each parameter.
In case the pipe fittings don’t have the parameter x, a blanking cell won’t matter.

I don’t know if it’s clear enough to you.
I let you see what I have already done.

Multi-category schedule using dynamo_V1.dyn (40.3 KB)

Hope someone could help me.


Well, I improved a bit my script today and even if it took me time, I’m glad I succed for a part of my initial idea…

Collecting parameter: almost done :face_with_monocle:
Counting elements with same instances: Nothing :astonished:
Writing into the excel file: Done :smiley:

I get some issue, trying to collect the family name of my elements.
I managed to collect the Type only. Well, I was able to collect the family name but didn’t worked for pipes and ducts. I used this method:

(Family.Name and Element.Name return type names, not family names?)

Do you have any idea how could I get the family name for all my elements I want to?

At the end, I have my excel file but I would like to add a “counter” in order to group elements by same parameters. For example to have 4 duct elbow 300x200mm and not 4 lines with single units.
The best would be to do it directly Inside the dynamo scrip and not excel.

Hope some people could bring me help.

Here is my last script

Multi-category schedule using dynamo_V2.dyn (66.3 KB)