How to Export Multiple Elements of Category On one Excel file

I need to export 10 element catégory and a specific list of parameters to Excel with Dynamo.

  • I use Element.GetParameterByValue for each parameter
  • I create a list of ten items
  • I connect this list to Data.ExportExcel.
    The problem is that I can only indicate 1 Sheet name.

    How do you manage to integrate multiple sheets for Multiple lists of Element categories in Excel ? Thank you very much in advance

You can provide multiple sheet names. You just have to have the correct list structure and list levels. What does your data input look like now?

It depends on what data you want to export- the challenge might be that object categories have different parameters, so taking account of this in Dynamo could be complex

An extremely quick (but rough & ready) method is to use the built-in ODBC export, and set it up to write to an Excel file. This will automatically create a worksheet for each object category, with parameters in columns.
In your case, you could either delete the worksheets you don’t want- or reference (link) the data you need from the raw output (relevant worksheets & columns) into a separate Excel file

Thank you Nick, so I should duplicate 10 times the knote to export data to Excel. depending the object types ?

Yes but how ?

No. You just need to provide the node with a name for each tab and the respective data in the correct structure. Excel data typically uses a 3-dimensional list (@L3) so a list of sheets would mean a list of @L3 data, or an @L4 list.