Listing parameter of multiple elements

I am trying to obtain a list of sheet numbers of the selected objects. The ultimate aim is to create sets of sheets for printing, but first I need to segregate sheets with same dimensions - same title blocks (at this moment I have about 400 sheets in my project). In order to achieve this I selected 1 of family types of title blocks that I use. I also managed to obtain list of their parameters (26 parameters for each element). At this stage I hoped the transopse will be the last move but unfortunately The parameters for each element have different order. I also tried to export the data to excel and filter it later but I have encountered error (HRESULT: 0x800A03EC). Below I attach the result of my attempts. I am new to the Dynamo and know nothing about programming so I stick to simple solutions. I’ve also tried parameter value by name but it doesn’t seem to work. Any hints guys?

List.SortByKey where the key is Parameter.Name will order these in a consistent manner.

Hi @g.mitoraj

Your missing double quotes in code block retype as"A1" or use String node and type A1.