Get location of intersection between Revit Solid and Dynamo line (from point)

Hello everyone,

I need to measure the distance between a Revit solid and some points, but i dont know how.
I have some points which i need the vertical distance of to the solid above, this solid is not perfectly flat so “Closest Point” from Clockwork doesnt give a straight line up:
(Those point on the underside of the solid are slightly off from the point under, it needs to be perfectly accurate.)

Thanks in advance!

Hi Daan,

If you need the vertical distance between 2 points which are not directly above each other, you can extract the Z coordinates of both points and substract them. That gives you the vertical distance.

If you need to find the point which is directly above, you can translate the bottom points upwards and create a line between them. Then select the Bottom Face of the Solid with the Select Faces node and make an intersection.

I have put both in the attached Dynamo Graph

MeasureDistance.dyn (33.4 KB)

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Yes thank you, the use of the bottom face worked perfectly!

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