Geometry Intersect with Line and Geometry

I am trying to get the lowest Z intersection of a line and floor geometry. Can anyone help with removing item 0 and 1 from the second set of points?

Can you show more of your graph for context?

So what I am trying to do is select a model element that has a attachement elevation and I am trying to drive that by the floor element that is directly above it. So the current way I have this happening is Dynamo is drawing a line vertically from the insertion point of the element and getting the intersecting elements. So I would like it to just take that first intersecting point to get the correct Z for my attachment.

So here is the Revit side. I want to select the elemenets and hit run on Dynamo and the concrete inserts go to the bottom of the floor/slabs.

Sorting by the Z axis intersect distance would be a good place to start, then you can get the first intersect and ignore the rest.

Thank you i will let you know if i run into a wall.

So took some messing around but with that assist I got it to work.

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Just had to mess with some lacing and levels.

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Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: you may as well mark your solution as such for the post.

Thanks again! In the end didn’t need the line but just the point Z.