Get location of ifc element

Hi All,

I am trying to catch the location of IFC elements. I manage the catch the IFC elements with “Element.GetFromLinkedFile” node but I couldn`t catch the location information.

Thank you in advance!

Get location of IFC element.dyn

Hi Cansu,

You may try the Mesh Geometry method to find out the location of IFC elements. Here is my example for this matter.

Finding the elements bounding box and pulling the bounding box’s centroid / corner point / a combination of the two would be a good bit faster, although it won’t always fall on the object.

Can you please specify which packages did you use?

Springs and Archilab if I am not mistaken.

Hi @cansu_yeni,

There are many ways to do this. It’s just one of those things I share in the appendix.

If you come across a different result, please feel free to share your entire file or chart with us.


@JacobSmall is right. I used Springs and Archilab.