Ifc Steel Element location

i need to get the location of all ifc steel beam elements. I am trying to get the bottom of steel


i found that the ifc items in my model are type direct shapes.
how can i get the origin pt and or the bottom of steel

thanks all

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Hi Timothy

I can see you’ve posted a few times, can you please when posting show what you’ve already attempted and an illustration (could be using paint) of what you wish to achieve, this greatly help both the willingness and the quality of the help which you will receive as the forum is not a “do my job” but a help forum.

Everything is quite nicely put in this, if you’ve not already read it: How to get help on the Dynamo forums

i am working with steel ifc files. when i bring the file into revit i notice that the elements are direct shapes. I am trying to get the location of the elements. If i snoop the element i can see the geometry location. I can get the location of native revit steel element. The direct shape element is not a curve ??? .
enclosed are some images of what i have done.


IFC STEEL T&B.dyn (97.0 KB)

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oh cool :slight_smile: that’s nice

Are you willing to share a representative IFC file (private is fine). There is another option that can be tested. You can install my ggRevitIFC addon from http://www.geometrgym.com/downloads You can zero touch load the dll (which will generate a multitude of nodes) and break down the IFC file directly.

You might also simply test the IFC importer, if the intelligence/quality is in the IFC file (it is possible the data is primitive and converting to native revit elements is near impossible) my plugin can create native elements in cases where the revit import generates direct shapes.




i have added the original file to my drop box
thanks Jon