Get List of Floor Hosted Components

New to dynamo, so forgive me when I know nothing, but neither does google so here I am posting this.

We have floors in an architectural model we got from a consultant, but want to delete them so as to keep them entirely within the structural model. Sounds easy, except for everything that might be hosted to the floor. Revit gives no warnings or shows you in any way what is actually hosted to a floor. So when you delete a floor, it’s a mystery as to what you might have lost.

So, is there any way to get a list of all the components that are hosted to a floor?

Any help would be very appreciated.

Take a look at this discussion:

Newer versions of Revit have a GetDependentElements() method in the API.

I expect popular packages will probably have a node for this now.

I think Element.Inserts in the Clockwork package may help here.

Thanks for responses guys. Unfortunately, I have no clue what I am doing or how I should even go about it, so while I’m certain these responses would normally help someone out, they are lost on me. Guess its time to hit up some night classes in Revit programming. :smile: Thanks for trying to help, but for now I’ll just place my Revit frustrations back on wishing for a decent text editor.

In a new Revit file, place a wall, and put a single door in it.

Then launch Dynamo, and in a new graph place a Select Model Element node. Then click on the ‘select element’ button in the node and select the wall in your Revit model. Now back in Dynamo, place an Element.Inserts node (from the Clockwork package) on the graph, and wire the output from the select model element into that.

You should now have the door as the output of the Element.Inserts node.

The Dynamo Primer might help you get sorted out some as well. Skip nothing even if you think it doesn’t apply. It’s about the concepts not the results.