Dynamo Newbie: Retrieve Host Information from Revit Generic Model Families

Hi all, first time Dynamo user here so be gentle.

I have a linked model with numerous generic models hosted in walls/floors etc.
I need to schedule out these elements, reporting the element they are hosted in.

I’m lead to believe that I need a Dynamo script to populate a new parameter with this data, as Revit can’t natively report it.

I found an example script online but couldn’t find the correct nodes in my Dynamo, can anyone advise?

I’m running Revit 2020.2, with Dynamo

These nodes are all in 2020. If you want to schedule the property you would need to write it to a project based parameter in Revit (can be shared).

The values would only be as up to date as the last time the script was ran.

Thanks, this is perfect.
I am running into an issue that the families in question are actually face based as opposed to wall hosted etc, and I’m getting an error that items don’t have hosts. Is there a way to filter to select only those with a host, or is the face-based element tripping this up?

I used a face based element in my example. Noting host and element were in the same model.

If they arent, look into this thread for a solution:

They are in the same element in my dummy project:

Am I missing something?

Consider me stumped, worked for me with a face based family on floors/walls/ceilings/roofs. Hopefully someone else knows some more quirks related to this type of scenario, maybe share the error message to help people delve further.

Thanks for your help regardless!

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The issue may be phase related if the host element isn’t on the active phase? Just a guess based on other reporting parameters with similar issues.