Get geometry from linked IFC

i try to get the geometry of pipes from linked IFCs.
The solution explained here: Access Element Geometry from Linked IFC Model worked only for the IFC, i have created with Revit (IFC 1).
For IFCs from “Plancal nova” (IFC2) it doesen’t worked. I get only empty lists.
I tryed nodes from archilab,Steam and Bimorph, but i get the same results.

The version in every IFC is 2x3 Coordination View.
Any idea whats wrong?

IFC 2:

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ok…solved it…
All pipes in the IFC from Plancal nova are saved in “generic modell”…
So i need to select the categorie generic modell when i try to get elements out of the IFC.
You can use the Revit collaboration clashdetection to see, in which IFC classes the geometry is saved.

Hi! I’m new to Dynamo and I’ve been trying to follow your directions in terms of getting geometry from IFC’s. I’ve installed every archilab package but I donn’t find the “GetDocuments” or the “Get all elements from linked models” nodes.

I also installed bakery and found the “Get linked documents” node but it fails with an error “obsolete file” and cannot use it in version of dynamo that im using

Any idea to get a workaround?

Thanks for your attention.

search for document:

I have Dynamo 2.3.0