Change of functionality in archi-lab get document node

I am trying to reproduce the following graph to extract information from a Revit model having a linked ifc file.

I am using Dynamo 2.0 and I cannot extract the ifc. I found out that the difference is that the Get Document node is producing a list in Dyn v 1.3.2, while, in Dyn 2.0, it is producing a Dyctionary. How should I adapt it to work? Are this type of side-changes in functionality documented when updating to dynamo 2.0 listed somewhere? It is a bit frustrating in my learning process to try to adapt existing samples, just to find out that they do not work in v 2.0 properly!!2018-05-20_12002018-05-20_1205

Hi @jarodrigueztaylor

You can find all the information here: