Access Element Geometry from Linked IFC Model


Is there a way to access the actual element geometry in a linked IFC file using dynamo? For example, I have a linked IFC file for curtain wall built of curtain panels, I’d like to extract the curtain panel boundaries or corner points from this linked IFC file but can’t seem to access the geometry. Any help would be great, thanks guys!

Change of functionality in archi-lab get document node

Hi @Justin_Dias

Yes it is possible you could try collecting IFC elements from linked model. Below is an example of walls.


Thanks @Kulkul it seems to work, however, is there a way Dynamo could recognize those curtain panel ‘Elements’ as curtain panels so I could use a node like ‘curtainpanel.boundaries’?


Did you change category to Curtain Panels?


Yes and i get this warning:

Get geometry from linked IFC

@Kulkul I received this IFC file from another architect who built the model in Revit, could it be that they didn’t export to IFC a particular way? Could it have something to do with the IFC Class Mapping? I don’t have much experience with IFC files to properly diagnose this whole situation. Again, any other help would be great!