Get FamilyType parameter values when no placed instances are in project

Hi all,

Trying to do something I thought should be simple but coming across some issues with the relevant nodes and wanted to check I was using them right (or if there is another way of doing what I said the goal was in the title).

I’m using the following Orchid nodes to try and get the parameter values from a FamilyType loaded into the project but not yet placed.

I am getting the family doc & family type but the node for getting values is erroring. The only thing I can think is that the getvalue node is expecting a .rfa document rather than the revit.project document that its getting. Is it not possible to get these values from within a project?

Conversely to this, does anyone know any other methods of getting parameter values from unplaced familytypes shy of creating a family instance, extracting values then deleting it?

Dynamo version 1.3.4
Orchid Version


From the FamilyTypes node, wire in an Element.Parameters node. This will return all type parameters associated to the family type. If you want to get specific parameter value you should be able to use an element.getparametervaluebyname node.

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Well I never - I am very acustomed to using those nodes but did not think they would treat a FamilyType as an element so did not even bother to try them!

Thanks for the help, Jacob.

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