Use Element.GetParameterValueByName to retrieve noninitial instance


Im trying to use Dynamo to select certain parameters before i output them to Excel but have run into a problem. Situation is as follows:

I have a certain number of elements. These elements have between 44 and 47 parameters of which i want to extract a select few. In the following example i’m trying to extract the values of two (custom) parameters (Element ID and Type).

However when im trying to get the values by Element.GetParameterValueByName of the parameter “Type” i instead end up with the values of the parameter “Family Type” and am uncertain as to why this is. The only explanation i can find is if the Element.GetParameterValueByName node chooses the first parameter which contains “Type” i.e. “Family Type” (#12) instead of continuing to look for an exact match (#33/35).

Is this the case and does anyone know of a workaround or am i doing something else wrong?

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If you are trying to get a parameter from a family, you must select a family instance. Look here: Get family instance - Revit - Dynamo (

In my understanding, “Type” in Dynamo always mention as “Family Type” in output

Just adding the node “Family.Name” inbetween did the trick. Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction!

I find it difficult getting a grip about how to call parameters depending on if they are based on family, element etc. but i suppose i’ll get it after a while.forumsvar Skärmbild 2020-12-10 135732