Collecting all families types of category

I need to collect all families and family types from category list but none of the node is seem to work. I got one from clockwork but not working.

Please let me know if there is a solution for this.
Thanks in advance.

Have you tried plugging in the Revit doc for the doc input?

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i’m sorry but its not clear to me what you said?

how can i get Revit Doc?

yeah thanks. i tried. but not seems to work.

Can you show the error?

yeah sure!

Is it Clockwork package ? If so, which version do you have ? Because it is working for me. (version 1.31.2)

Look like the type of variables of your node are not correctly set.

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i got the exactly the one you got. 1.31.2.

As @mellouze said, it is probably incompatible versions. It works for me as well:

I am using Dynamo 2 with Revit 2018.

Double check that the packages you are using aren’t meant for Dynamo 2.x

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Have you modified the node ? It should not ask for this types of inputs, but rather those below.

PS : also using Revit 2018 and Dynamo 2.x

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ok i found that i also had an old version of clockwork installed in dynamo. Maybe this is the reason. let me check it.

@mellouze @kennyb6 I had installed both clockwork 2.1.0 and 1.31.2. that was not working. So i uninstalled all packages and kept 1.31.2 now its working completely fine. There is something wrong with 2.1.0 it seems.


2.x is meant for Dynamo 2.0 but you are using Dynamo 1.3.x, so it is not compatible.

I’m using dynamo and clockwork version 1.31.2 is working fine with it but 2.1.0 that i uninstalled and previously it was not working because that node was from clockwork 2.1.0

What package has the “All categories in document” node as shown in the image?