Get family instance

Is it possible to get the instance parameters from a family?

What do you mean? The parameters that are instance based in a family? The parameter values of a specific instance of a family? You need to be more specific.

I want to be able to read the parameter values of a specific instance of a family.

To read the familytypes isn’t that hard, but somehow I can’t manage to read the instance parameters

Do you want to see all of the available instance parameters for a particular family? If so, this node should provide all of the parameters for a given element.

Use FamilyInstance.ByFamilyType. This will get you all instances in the project.

What should be the input for element?.
On the picture you can see the attempts to get it working (3 attempts):
When I use FamilyInstance.ByFamilyType the output will be null

This next graph does actually nothing…null!

I want to read the instance parameter “funderinsadvies” from the family “17_AdB_renvooi palen”

You need to get the FamilyInstance first before reading instance parameters. FamilyInstance.ByFamilyType is a standard node that will return all instances of the specified family type. Then you’ll be able to query the parameters of those instances.

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Thanks Nick_Boyts , that did the trick.

Hi Guys,

I’m completely new to Dynamo and in a script I’m trying to get family instances to extract its facing vectors, but once I hook that up using the below component that happens.

hi Nima, it’s better to start a new topic on that issue. This topic is already marked solved and your issue is different from the above one.