Get is all the family instance and their respective dimensions on an excel

Hi i am stuck with getting the program furter.

What i am trying to Get is all the family instance and their respective dimensions on an excel.
Please go through ā€¦

Hope someone can help me on this.

Hi there,

Try to connect the family.symbols node to Element.Get,Parameterter node without the node.




I have tried that,
i still dont get the length of each instance,
Looks something like this,


Well, at least the node seems to work now.

Are you sure that the parameter name is jus ā€œLā€?

Try to list all the parameters of those family systems.




Thanks. Yep the node works.

Yes Definitely it is a family parameter.
another problem , it does not list out the family instance parameters ā€¦

Just wondering !!

Hi @shoiab.1618,

Maybe this wil work for you.

Kind regards,

Or this one:

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the post , but i do not have these nodes in my version of Dynamo. I am using dynamo 0.8.0. I cannot update to newer versions because of my system configuration.
I think it is time to upgrade my system.

Anyways thanks for your help.
Cheers !

Hi Guys,

I have udated my system and have tried the program.
I am still having issues.
Thanks MJB and Johannes, ive tried the node but i am getting an empty list for the family instances except the active family (here box 1) .Please find attached


Thank you

Are those family types actually created/placed in the project? All Elements of Family Type and FamilyInstance.ByFamilyType only show elements that are actually placed somewhere, not just if it is loaded.

Tanks for the quick reply.
Yes it works now , with all families placed in the project.
thanks !

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