Get exterior wall area from each room


I have read the thread, how to get wall area for each room.
The issue is, if I have attached walls, it doesn’t give me the correct area.

Wall in Revit

Wall in Dynamo

Not even the result in dynamo is correct if the wall is not attached. What is the units of this? or is it just difference because how Revit calculate the wall?

@Simon_Fiele1 Seems to work alright for me

Hi @Simon_Fiele1
I saw a definition in the topic you’re refering to, where the actual area taken is the area of the intersection of a wall and a room. This area is usually smaller than the area of the wall itself.
From the list you have I think you’ve used something similar and that might be the problem.

this chunk is not not calculated by the definition, but is still a part of the wall area


I tried finding the page you linked to, but it dosen’t exist anymore. Do you have a picutre of the final script?

Hi @Eskild

See if these topics can help you:

Thank you