Get exterior face of a wall

Well this could be one way:

Although I have a feeling that it might not be the smartest way.

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Yes, this could be a way, but only if the walls are in a rectangle shape.
If there are more than 4 corners this would not work.

I disagree on that point.

Ok your right! thx for help

It worked for me. But now i have a following question.
I want to get the intersection line from every surface with the xy-plane at z=0.
I do this, but now i got 9 instead of 7 intersection…

What im doing wrong?

I got 3 Lines for the middle wall, because i have 2 doors:(

@Hannes Here is another possible way:


see if that topic helps:

Thx for help.
I got a solution for the problem with the doors in the walls.

  1. create boundingbox for every exterior surface
  2. get min and max from every bb
  3. get x,y for every min and max point
  4. create points
  5. create line by start and end point

Well…i still have a mistake in my programm…

Did u see what is wrong?

set the lacing of Geometry.DoesIntersect to cross product and the lacing of Flatten to longest

i did what u say…but the result is not better.
Also try set lacing of Flatten to shortest

change it to L2…but there should be 7 surface, not only 3

Well…i think there are only 3 intersections for the points and surfaces…but why? Is there something wrong with the points?

If that doesn’t work it’s a good idea to drop your files here.

ok, hear are my files…i don’t know…can’t see the mistake:(
17_04_06_1000_Forum.dyn (23.9 KB)
17_04_06_1001_Building_Forum.rvt (1.2 MB)

the point is lying on a window at some places, so it doesn’t intersect

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your are right! thx for your help.
I changed the u v point and now every surface is found.

Thx, and have a nice day:)

Viktor…im sorry…every time i think this is the solution, another problem pops out.

I need the surface of the hole wall, or of the 3 walls.
The separation of the surfaces happens in “Solid.ByUnion” i think.

Any idea what i can do against this? or work around?

it should still work if they are 3 separate walls
Anyway what are you trying to accomplish eventually? Maybe there’s better approach.

Well, after i got the 7 exterior surfaces i intersect them with the xy-plane at z=0.
Than i got 7 lines, each line for each wall. This is important so my programm after this step can continue.

There is a note for walls were i can get the interior lines. But these lines are to short…