Get Elements' Solids and/or Geometry


I am new to Dynamo and to this forum.
I learned that by using Select Model Elements I can obtain the elements that I need and then can input them to Element.Solids to obtain the solids associated with those elements or use Element.Geometry to obtain the geometry associated with those elements.
I wish to obtain the solids associated with the connector elements of some pipes.
As you can see on the image attached I was able to obtain the solids of the pipes, and when I tried to do the same method for the connectors I could not obtain the solids nor the geometry.

Why can’t I obtain the geometry and the solids of these connector elements?

Any help would be appreatiated.



Just to keep you moving, apologies for an ugly solution… Hopefully someone will find a better one!

For whatever reason, the geometry returned appears to be that which is shown at coarse view… Ie. the path and some end curves.

From this you could possible extract the dimensions you need and reconstruct the element? I seemed to get a funny readout from ‘Center Radius’.

Apologies if that isn’t useful…



Thank you Mark.Ackerley!
It’s a great suggestion. I just implemented it, but unfortunately I realized that the geometry lines and arch I am obtaining are probably not the correct outcoming geometry of the original element. When I create the solid it is a bit off the gap where it should be. Here is an image showing what I mean:

The new solid was meant to fit nicely into the gap between those voids that resulted from a subtraction between the main solid box of the project and the pipes (see first post image as reference of the objects).
The original elements I created are pipe connectors so I am sure that their geometry must be in the correct spot.

CORRECTION EDIT: I think the section is not normal to the arch. My mistake.

Yes, thank you so much Mark!!! It’s perfect.