Get Elements From Linked Coordination Model

Hey Everyone, Ive seen alot of stuff on here about getting linked model using archi-lab but i havent seen anything about getting elements from a linked coordination model. Is this even possible??

hey! me again :slight_smile:

Have a look in here

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Hey, I have the Bimorph Package but what node will like you read elements from a linked coordination model?

That website has all the nodes listed with a description and example, have a read :wink:

i think your talking about “LinkElement.OfCategory” but that doesnt work with coordination models(NWD). Is there another node that they have added that im missing?

Check what this article has to say about selection carefully, specifically:

In Revit, the coordination model is treated as a single item. Revit cannot distinguish individual elements within the coordination model. You cannot select items in the coordination model, nor see their properties.

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ahh that stinks… that answers my question though…

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