Node to interrogate linked model in Revit

Hi! I’m struggling to get categories from a linked structural model. Do you happen to know a node that can interrogate a link? I googled and looked in this forum and others, can’t seem to find an up to date one.

It would be greatly appreciated!

hi @crista.popescu,

Select.GetDocuments and Get All Elements From Linked Model nodes by Archilab is the one use.



Thank you very much for your reply, @ben.dowling ! I tried getting the node from ArchiLab but it shows up as corrupted when trying to add it to Dynamo. Could it be because it’s put of date for the version I have? The latest from ArchiLab seems to be for 0.9 and I have 2.0. I had a similar issue with other nodes that were written for 0.7.
What do you think?

Please try BimorphNodes Package. It is the best package about linked files.


I have 2019.2.27 for Archilab on mine and works fine with Dynamo 2.0.


Not heard of BimorphNodes. Will check it out. :+1:


Thank you! That worked!

Thanks @ben.dowling ! I used a combination of archi-lab and Bimorph in the end. Hugely appreciate your help.