Get Geometry from coordination model (or NWC file)

Hi all,

I am tasked with drawing an unbelievable amount of holes in concrete walls for concrete encased piping.

Instead of doing this manually, i want to program it, partly. Make Dynamo place instances on wall faces. this part i already completed, but i used a SAT file during my test to get the piping geometry. Unfortunately i dont have a SAT file now, i have either an NWC file or a DWG, the dwg is very big so id rather not import that. (160 MB)

Is there a way to get the geometry of the piping (which is a coordination model in my model) so i can clash it with my wall geometry and find the center?


It doesn’t appear that there are any Out Of The Box Nodes related to parsing Navis (or “Coordination Model”) geometry.

Under the hood, it appears that what you see in Revit are “Direct Shapes” that are accessed via the DirectContext3d group of classes- but I would have no idea how to get at these elements or geometry other than the API. (which would mean, at a minimum, python coding)

IMO, Your best bet is going to be linking in a CAD file, as there are plenty of OOTB nodes and packages dealing with handling that data.
I’m sure that someone knows more than me, and I hope they chime in!

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Also, this thread may be enlightening- though probably not helpful in what you want to do…

I feared as much…

I’ll try to split the cad export up into workable chunks to get the geometry from there and see if that works…
Thank you for your response!