Get Ducts intersected parameters (Width,Height,Bottom Elevation)

i created a graph that select one wall and check ducts(from linked model) which intersect with it,
then place a generic model wall based void family in centroid,
in the next step i want to get thus ducts parameters and set them in void family, how should i match between ducts list and intersection list to get the ducts intersect as elements (not solids) ?

you can use Geometry.DoesIntersect node to check which duct you need (same as you did with Geometry.Intersect) , then connect its output (a list of true/false) to the mask input of a FilterByBooleanMask node.
The list input should be your Element.GetFromLinkedFile output.

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Thank u ! it works!

I still have a problem with Ducts that their Reference level is not the floor of story,
i dont know how to get the Bottom elevation to set in void family.
any idea?

You could try to get the BoundingBox of the insersection, then BoundingBox.MinPoint and finally the Z value of the MinPoint.


thank u!

hi @rinag
can you share your full graph please
thanks ahmed