Get bounding box of steel connection element


I’m having problems creating a bounding box out of a steel connection. When I run the Element.Bounding box I get the following result (see the orange shape):


What I want to achieve is done perfectly by the selection box button in Revit, which gives me this:

How can I replicate the selection box in dynamo?

The main goal here is to create a graph in which the input is a steel connection and the output is creating 3D views and section views of that connection…

Can you help?


A year later but I’m curious if you ever got anywhere with this? I am trying to do clash detection on steel connections and can’t find a way to get to the connection or subelement bounding box.

Hi @BoilerBuck,
I actually ended up resorting to the section box of the view, which was enough for my purpose.
For your purpose (clash detection), that will not be enough and I don’t know if the latest release of dynamo has already taken care of this issue or not…