Create a bounding box from a view

Hi all,
I was wondering if there is some way or a package that allows you to create a bounding box from a view and its far clip offset parameter.
I am trying to tag linked MEP elements in a lot of views at the same time with dynamo and none of the nodes to select linked elements in host view from Data-Shapes worked, so I was thinking I can create a bounding box and filter all the objects if it’s inside or not. This allows me to reduce the number of tags created and facilitate the calculations.

Hi @manuel.rodalTYBV9,

You can use the PlanView ToBoundingBox node of the Genius Loci package.

You could also use the SelectByCategoryInHostView node.

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Thank you Alban_de_Chasteigner,
That is exactly what I am looking for, but instead of plan views I would like to use section views

Do you know where can I find something similar? Thanks in advance.

@manuel.rodalTYBV9 Try this, View CropBox node from the GeniusLoci package too:


select the elements you want and create a bounding box union of all of them, you can select all elements in a view if that is what you want.


Thank you very much, the node View CropBox is the one I need. I simplify your script because I need the bounding box to know if the elements are inside or not and I take the bounding box out.


Hi Ruben,
I want the opposite, I want to know which elements are in the view. I need the bounding box specifically to filter the elements and make easier the work for dynamo

then use a node to select elements of specific view, I think there are many available in packages. I do not even use views for anything for selection filter in Dynamo

The thing is all of the nodes I could find didn’t work with linked elements, which is my main issue here. The MEP elements I am trying to tag are in a linked model.

Thank you anyway for your help

did you try GeniusLoci package? it is possible to tag elements of links as well if that was the final purpose of isolating, filtering on views. It is very problematic though because long time of response and you have to relocate tags manually of multiple views if that works, I would try a plugin for tagging as I had bad experiences on that with Dynamo