Get Block Name and Block Insertion Point from a linked CAD File

I’ve seen this topic about the exact same issue.

I downloaded the latest version of the LinkDWG package provided in this topic. However i think that the problem is that i am not understanding how to use those nodes.
What is a selection set? How dynamo will understand that a CAD file has one?
Is there a implementation of another node using “ImportInstance” instead of Selection set?

Thank you!

LinkDWG can utilize import instances as well.

Selection set asks if you only want to use the actively selected items in your DWG file. Note for LinkDWG to work you have to have an AutoCAD running and the DWG you want to work with us to be open.

The LinkDWG package utilized the ActiveX functionality to pull data from the active AutoCAD session. Selection Sets aren’t actually a thing saved to the file in this instance.