Can anyone pls change this code and add insert IN[2] = LinkDWG

Hello everyone i have some issues with linkDWG node set they dont work actually and need to get inside of a linked CAD then i need to pull the text contents and positons from that link…

there are no other node does such thing i guess or im a useless data miner… both of the situations are nop but i have to get this work done so pls respond

here are other topics related this head line

You can’t access text from within a DWG using the Revit API unfortunately. There are alternative options: using LISP routines in Autocad to export the text metadata to Excel, exporting the DWG within Revit to DWF then parse the file to extract the text metadata, or use COM to access a DWG from within an open session of Autocad and use the Autocad API to get the text metadata.

I think there is also a hacky way to do it through the Revit APIUI library which basically explodes the DWG as one would manually, then get the text elements before undoing the explode. However this is limited to the restrictions Revit places on exploding DWGs …and exploding should be banned outright, even if it is a controlled action by a piece of code, so I wouldn’t recommend it!