importinstance.GetCOMObjects Node not visible in linkdwg package

i want to work with cad blocks returned from imported cad into revit for that i need a node from linkdwg “importinstance.GetCOMObjects” but its not showing in my dynamo UI can anyone help me out

Hi @hitesh.hirani7APDE,

Use instead the CAD Block node. It will be easier and will not require opening AutoCad.
CAD Link

Thanks for your answer it will perfectly work for me just a little help i need that where i can find this node like what is the package?

It’s in the Genius Loci package.

Hey, Sorry to bother you again and again but i downloaded that package it works fine from me now i want to rotate the family instance which i placed. It goes perfect with another node in same package but the problem is it changes its position i want the instance placement point to be same.
I attached an image for your better understanding.

Make sure that the origin of the CAD block and the origin of the family are the same.
You probably have an offset somewhere.

i already checked both block and family they both are on the 0,0 origin.
i attached an image below if you can find anything

Can you share your Revit File ?

Yes Sure
Project2.rvt (3.8 MB)

Indeed there is an offset with the internal origin of your family.

The family corrected:

The result is now correct :

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