Get all family types in a category

Is there any way to get all family types in a category in Dynamo 0.8.0?

Any help would be much appreciated

Use All Family Types Of Category from package Clockwork.

Hi Andreas Dieckmann,

Your reply really did help
Clock work package provides me not only node for selecting all family types in a category but also lot of other useful nodes

Thanks a lot

I’m just trying to do a simple copy type parameter value to another type parameter - is there any reason why I can’t get the “All Family Types of Category” node to return anything?

Dynamo Version? Make sure you have the latest version of clockwork and the “ReturnListOrSingleValue” node has python in it.


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Dynamo v Updated Clockwork - this is what’s in the nodes.


Looks like the return list or single value is wrong. You have another package that has an older one installed. Uninstall that, restart dynamo and it should work.