Multiple parameters from family category

I am trying to gather multiple parameters from a family and the most useful node I have found is the LunchBox Family Instance Collector. Within the family I am working with there are multiple types. When I select one type using the Family Types node, LunchBox works flawlessly (images 1 & 2). However, when I try to use All Family Types Of Category, I only get a null result (image 3).

How can I list all types of a family category and an associated parameter (in this case, the level name associated with each instance)?

1_typical method 2_all instances of family type 3_multiple family types_not working

This has been discussed before already, however the forum’s search function is failing me once again.

You don’t need any custom nodes for that. Dynamo’s terminology’s a bit clunky at the moment because it’s naming nodes according to both Revit’s interface and Revit’s API.

To put things simply - family type and family symbol are interchangeable terms. Have a look at the below example:


I figured someone had likely asked this question before, thank you for your response. Also, thank you for providing an explanation of the use of “family symbol”, it is quite the learning curve to understand the relationship between Dynamo and Revit terminology…

Regarding the example you provided, is there a way to reconfigure the definition to pull from the Categories node?

I am trying to pull all instances of a family category and pair them with their associated level (reason: users don’t always import families with consistent naming conventions into the project and family category is usually a more reliable constant). In theory, trying to somehow combine the output values in the image below:

4_category and floor

Just feed your list of family instances into Element.Level from package Clockwork. If you want the, add an Element.Name node, alternatively add Level.Elevation to obtain the level’s height above zero.

Thanks for the clarification Andreas. By exporting to Excel, I am able to isolate the level related to each family instance by using a search formula.

I came across this solution yesterday but wondered if there was a way to filter out the “Name=” and “Elevation” from the Clockwork Element.Level node on the Dynamo side for a clean export of only “FLOOR 1, FLOOR 2,” etc… If you know of a way to strip the values down to just the Level Name, please let me know.

5_floor only