Conduit Path between Lighting Device and Lighting Fixture

so my journey to schedule the wires automatically in my revit project continues.
Here is the next episode:
I want to schedule the lighting circuit wires in the project.
For the Brasilian standard… that’s a really complicated thing to do. But first things first,
Thus far, i only managed to select all the lighting fixtures, lightind devices and conduits for a given lighting circuit.

Now i want to get the conduits between a given Ligthing device and the lighting fixtures that are turned on and of by it.

For instance: In the next picture we see a lighting device with Switch ID’s (a,b,e) and the lighting fixtures with the same switch id’s. I want to get the specific conduit path that connects these, and only these, elementes.


Link to download the Project:
The Graph thus far:
Quantificação iluminação.dyn (20.0 KB)


Hello Ramoon.

Did you get any further with this? I am trying something similar, and for every obstacle I tackle, Revit sets up a new one.


There is a node from the dynatools package called DynaTools.ShortestPath.

It helps, but does not work at 100% of the cases

DynaTools.ShortestPath.dyf (14.2 KB)