Get Adaptive Points

So I feel like I may be missing something here. I have adaptive components built with 4 adaptive corner points (but could be more or less).

When I attempt to get these points with Dynamo I only get a flat list of all the points. I was hoping to get a more structured list containing sub-lists with 4 points in each. Is this possible?

Any help would be great, thanks!

Have you tried acquiring all the ACs first then get their adaptive points (which would result in a 2D list - or a more ‘structured’ list as you put it)


Hi Thomas,

Is there a smart way to gather all adaptive components from a project. I have a number of different types and I’d like to select all at once.

Thanks Vikram,

but like my response to thomas, I have many different adaptive components I’d need to select at once, do you know if this is possible?

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Ok, that can work…however im dealing with a large building with many different adaptive component types, so that may require a bit of manual input. I was hoping maybe a way through dynamo to select all the adaptive components in the document at once. Any other ideas?

Thanks again for the help!

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Yes you can - slightly change @Vikram_Subbaiah approach and use the Category node instead of FamilyType. Select AC and that will filter all ACs in your document

I dont seem to have an Adaptive Component option in the Category component drop down, only Adaptive Points.

Your only option is to use Element Types, select FamilyInstance then filter the list to identify your ACs. If you have a robust naming convention in place this will be easy.

ok I’ll have to give that a try thanks again for all the help

You could filter by identifying a property unique to adaptive components.
Maybe something like this…

Is there any way to get the points of an adaptive sub component ?