Pulling a Model from revit server for PDF printing

Hello, I’m a new Dynamo user trying to figure out how to pull a model from Revit server in order to perform a PDF printing process.

I have a graph that is able to open a project in the background and print pre-defined sets from the model. It recognizes all sets in the model, any print settings that may be saved, and various input settings such as the file location, and whether to combine the pdf’s in one file (which I cannot seem to get to work either. it keeps overwriting the original pdf file.).

This graph works great. I’ve testing it using various different settings and it works great for any local file, however we only work on files located on the Revit server. I managed to find the file path of the model on revit server, but entering this path as a string input, as apposed to browsing to it’s locationa nd selecting it, does not work. It comes back with null on the watch node. I’ll attach a screenshot for everybodies reference.


Here are some resources. I will see if I can investigate too, but can;t make any promises.

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Thank you for the information John. I did find these articles in my searches for a solution, however the text is rather difficult to understand. I do have the RSN:// file path for the file I’m trying to access, and it does pull the file “name” but not the actual file itself.

@micphillips, you may try to use the RevitServerTool as a workaround. Create *.bat scripts that will copy a bunch of models from your Revit Server to the specified destination folder. Then use your Dynamo graph to interact with these local copies.

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@zhukoven I’m not exactly sure what you’re saying. I’m pretty new to programming, so creating scripts myself at this time is pretty far fetched.

Well, this is not actually programming at all. All you need to do - is make a new txt file in Notepad, fill in the model address (Revit server host name, model name, Revit server accelerator, destination folder) as described here:

Then you save this text file with “.bat” extension on your Revit server machine and close. Launching these .bat files from the Revit server (connect to your Revit server machine via rdp, and double click the .bat file), opens windows console and starts the process of copying models.



@zhukoven You are spot on. You can also place the *.bat or i will recommend to use *.cmd on any location (local or network) as long as you use UNC path on all your network location (instead of mapped drives). And as per @zhukoven on post no. 5 once you have the local copies are made you can then use you graphs to create the pdf. Note. This is an alternative solution.

@micphillips, did you ever happen to resolve this issue?

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