Geometry into Dynamo

Hi Dynamo Wiz,
I’m trying to put a Dynamo Graph Geometry into Revit. Is there a node for that?
I have made af graph for “the turning Torso” in Sweden, but it’s not in my Revit. How can I put it in as a building ?

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@Silverflame ,

you have to export to .sat in an family enviroment or… opened in a InPlacementfamily


HI Draxl_Andreas… I think it is nessesary… I watch a youtube video with “Belinda Carr” and she have done it!!! I wrote to her, but haven’t got an answer… Mayby another could help !!


It’s easier to create this geometry in a family. Use a model generic template and the Form.ByLoftCrossSections node to create the geometry element.


Hi Alban…
I have tried a graph from DynamoBim (Please see the screendump underneth) But it is not exporting it to the Family editor… What I’m I doing wrong ?

@Silverflame ,

you have to create the geometry in a family template like GenericModel.

there you have to export as a .SAT.

than you have volume!


Out in practice if we generate a building in this way we usually try to generate native elements as output vs SAT/Import - they aren’t very useful graphically and can’t be edited without recreation.

Try turning the loops into floors in Revit maybe, and the facade we would usually split up using more complex algorithms to place panels (typically using adaptive components). Generally we go to Rhino Inside Revit for that so that we can access the Lunchbox package and play with the geometry before sending the final outcome to Revit also.