Geometry working range with Dynamo Player

Does anyone know if it is possible to change the geometry working range within Dynamo Player?

It seems a bit pointless selling Player as being user friendly if people have to open up Dynamo to change the geometry working range.

That setting is set per graph and is stored inside of the graph’s *.dyn file. I guess the idea was to set it once and forget it.

Do you have a case where you need to change it multiple times per project? It might be better to copy the graph and set & rename it for each desired range (e.g. a _Large tolerances file and a _Medium one), then repeat the process any time you update the graph…

@Dimitar_Venkov out of interest can you post an example of the format this is stored as in a .dyn?
(just curious and not at the pc)

I haven’t looked at the 2.0 json syntax, but in 1.3 and earler, it was stored in the attributes of the Workspace element:

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Ah, thanks @Dimitar_Venkov :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought so. It is more of a case that it is a utility script that is going to run over multiple projects. So the scale or units could be anything.

It just seems silly that it is a feature of Dynamo but not Dynamo player.

Do you get warnings related to geometry range issues? Otherwise you could possibly add some automatic scaling functionality in your script.

Well it seems like a bug. Normally with geometry nodes you get a warning suggesting switching geometry range. But I am using topology to get the faces and it just returns an error: “Warning: Element.get_Faces operation failed. Unable to trim surface as the input loop geometry could be illegal”. If it had of just told me it was a geometry range problem I would have saved quite a bit of time :slight_smile: