Dynamo Player Gives Run Complete with Error But Full Dynamo Run Gives No Errors

The name of the Topic explains it

Opening the graph via the player in full dynamo and running returns 0 Errors.

I’m out of Ideas

Does it perform its function in both instances? If so, the Geometry Working range is a likely issue.

See this comprehensive reply from @JacobSmall

It Preforms the Function’s 100% correct in both modes, player and full. I just tried editing the Working Ranges and still the issue persists. It Works in Medium and Small but if I set the Geometry Working Range to Large or Extra Large the graph completely fails. guess you may have pointed me in the right direction. Still not sure how running in Full Dynamo has 0 errors but player claims there are errors ad the Working Range should be saved to the DYN its self

Working range is somewhat obscured in player as it’s dyn related but dynamo instance specific because of a whole lot of technical issues which come into play.

Can you post the DYN and an RVT file to reproduce the issue so the community can help you find a solution, and the development team can make improvements.

Ah ok so just because the dyn is adjusted in full dynamo doesn’t mean it is reading it in player.

Happy to post it in the AM

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