Geometry.Trim Bug

Hi all:
I am using dynamo 2, the built-in version that comes with Alias, I have spent the last night struggling with simple process of trimming a surface with group of polycurves, i had failed so many times for unknown reasons.
I decided to go with the most simple scenario of trimming a rectangular surface by a single circle in its center, the result was a failure.
I tried the same simple script in dynamo 1.3 standalone and it just worked!!!
Please could somebody confirm the bug??

Not sure. It works for me.

That is weird?
Do you use dynamo 2 with Alias?

Ah, sorry I’m not using Alias. Dynamo 2.0.1 with Revit. I did notice though that one of my surfaces didn’t preview until I selected it a few times. The issue might just be graphical. Are you getting the correct output?

I tried to uninstall all the packages and restart dynamo. It worked.
I start to reinstall my previous packages one by one and see if the problem will happen again until i found the buggy package which was “celery”.
I think that solve the issue, and i am going to report this to the maker of “celery” package.

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I have not looked, but celery might be distributing some core dynamo dlls - which would cause all sorts of weirdness. Or perhaps it has not been updated to 2.0 yet.

Thanks for reporting back your finding and seeking to report the issue to the Celery author.

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