Geometry Shape and Hatch Pattern

Hi All,

I’m a new here and a beginner in dynamo. I am creating a 2d geometry in dynamo (column schedules specifically) and then run it into revit. Did someone here encounter this problem already? Circle lines that I have created were not really closed when it comes to revit and seems to be fine in dynamo. Are there any solution for these?

Also I want to fill this circle with solid patterns but I don’t know how to put it into revit. I actually hatch it in dynamo using “Surface.ByPatch” but I want it also to generate in revit.
I would appreciate if someone replies on this issue. Thanks!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Detail curves in Revit often need to segment into two arcs to make a full circle. I can’t tell but I believe that’s the issue here. Also if you’re trying to make a hatch from of these circles, look into your options for creating a filled region (the name Revit uses for hatches) instead of detail curves.

Thanks Jacob Small for your reply. I just realized to use DetailLine.FromCurve instead and its working perfectly. But somehow I also think that it would be better If I place detail family from revit to dynamo rather than making 2d lines. :slight_smile: