Geometry Rotation and Size Help

So, I’ve gotten a long way (I think!) in what I am trying to create, however there is one thing that I can’t seem to figure out. I need to rotate and enlarge one of the sweep profiles to create a Möbius strip.

I need to rotate that hot pink square 180° on the y-axis, relative to its center. I am also trying to enlarge that section from a WxH of 15 feet to 20 feet or so.

I have two possible approaches so far:
First approach is to split the form generation in two, the upper and lower half, using element selection of the two unjoined polycurve lines:

(The colour isn’t important, I just really like pink :stuck_out_tongue:)
This approach works in terms of rotation, and somewhat in the size editing, however this solution isn’t smooth as both halves of the the form don’t join together neatly:

With the image above you can see how the size is correct, however it is not smoothly merged into one. The rotation angle is also off.

My second approach is just creating the sweeped solid by combining both poly curves into one, then selecting that as an element for the sweep profile:

This method lets me create a smooth connection between the two halfs, but has no editable rotation value and I cannot change the size of one half (x-axis relative) without changing the size of the entire thing.

So, what can be done to solve this? I’ve tried making a list of the two halfs (first approach) and merging them onto a list and creating separate values for each square, however the geometry sweeep only accept the first list item.

I’ve attached the file, so feel free to mess around with it! :smiley:

Base.dyn (686.5 KB)

-Avery Meijer

This method doesn’t seem to be possible, I am trying a different solution!