Geometry Intersect and Geometry DoesInterect not working




















I am having real difficulty in identifying an intersection point of a wall and a duct. I have read many post on this and none of them seam to offer a solution, can any one help. The attached image shows the script and as you will see I have the solid walls and the duct locations but the Geometry Intersect Node shows ‘empty list’ and Geometry DoesIntersect shows false even though the ducts clearly pass through the wall. I am new to Dynamo and fear I may be making a school boy error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.









See if your purpose is served by changing lacing to Cross Product

That will check for intersection between each wall with every duct and vice-versa.


Yes it looks like like the lacing is worng as Vikram suggested. But also there is a bug with the node. This is the reply from Github after I posted the issue:


The issue with DoesIntersect and Geometry.Intersect not working reliably is when we use large coordinate values in the model, more specifically, anything > 10e4. This is a limitation of the ASM geometric kernel. The same thing is seen here in these use cases. We're trying solutions where we can scale down the models, perform the intersections, and then scale them back up again.


If you try the latest daily builds I think some work was just done here… actually not yet, will have to wait a bit more. I think your github post will be updated.



Thanks for the feed back. Yes the cross lacing works, and I am now showing intersections with both Geometry.DoesIntersect and Geometry.Intersect…however it appears to be one step forward and one step back (Or sideways in this instance). I have tried to use the intersection points with wall and curve to insert a window family, this is just a simple opening and it is not positioning it at the intersection. Does anyone have any ideas what is missing.